Technology Inbound

Technology Inbound

Technology Inbound: is a digital marketing services franchise. Oriented as a self-employed and low-cost franchise, the mission of the franchise consultants is to help clients attract traffic, generate qualified leads, and build loyalty.


Technology Inbound

We develop inbound marketing strategies to monetize our clients' digital investments," says the headquarters.

We are interested in entrepreneurs specializing in technology, salespeople with a personal customer service mentality, and businesspeople who want to offer new services to their clients.

Contact Information

Company name: Factoriagris Network, SL. street El Juncal Nº. 11, bajo. zip code: 39160 town: Laredo. state: Cantabria Web:

Franchise Information

Country of Origin: Spain Year of Establishment: 1996 Year of Chain Creation: 2013 Number of Franchisees: 9; Number of International Franchisees: 2 Franchisor: Serseo Inbound Marketing, SL. Estimated Sales in First Year:

  • Not stated.
  • Planned store openings for current year.
  • 10 Planned store openings for next year.
  • 15 Priority regions.
  • Spain, Latin America.

Admission fee (included in the amount of investment): Included in the amount of investment. Monthly fee: 350€ after the 7th month. Advertising fee: 350€/month (700€/month from 150,000€ turnover) Included in the first year.

Contract term: 5 years Investment: 9,500€ (+VAT). Investment range: from 0 to 20.000€. Minimum population: 25.000 inhabitants. Other royalties: No .

Business Location Details

Minimum site area: No premises required. Surface area range: no premises. Preferred Location: Franchisee's home address. And "all this is accompanied by a realistic business plan and a portfolio of commercial contacts".

With over 17 years of experience in digital business projects, the company claims to be a unique "double income" model: supplier and distributor.

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It also claims that digital marketing consultants are currently one of the most in-demand professions, as the majority of companies are struggling to improve their search engine rankings.

According to 2015 projections, 43% of the budget of Spanish SMEs is spent on digital They are spent on marketing advertising.

We are not a reseller or a franchise seeking a network of distributors for our products," they state. We offer the ability to start and maintain a profitable business with little initial investment, no employees, flexibility, and a constant drive for innovation and excellence, all with the support of experienced professionals."

Microtechnology Franchise

The micro-franchise approach will expand the network of independent associate consultants. From here, we target entrepreneurs with small investment budgets and traditional marketers interested in changing direction in the future.

At its headquarters, the company offers an ongoing training plan based on extensive experience, technical and commercial support, a constantly updated portfolio of products and services, and a complete set of productivity and management tools.

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