Dozens of newly discovered gravitational lenses can reveal ancient galaxies and the nature of dark matter

Gravitational lens images from an AGEL survey. The images are centered on the foreground galaxy and include the name of the object. Each panel includes the confirmed distance to the foreground galaxy (zdef) and the far background galaxy (zsrc). Credit: Kim-Vy H. Tran et al, Astronomical Journal (2022). DOI: 10.3847 / 1538-3881 / ac7da2 Earlier … Read more

AI reduces quantum physics problem of 100,000 equations to just four

A visualization of a mathematical system used to seize the physics and habits of electrons shifting on a lattice. Every pixel represents a single interplay between two electrons. Thus far, capturing the system with precision requires about 100,000 equations – one for every pixel. Utilizing machine studying, the scientists have diminished the issue to only … Read more

A new look at the particle interactions that may occur in the cores of neutron stars

Alice detector. credit score: CERN The ALICE Worldwide Collaboration on the Giant Hadron Collider (LHC) has simply launched essentially the most correct measurements but of two properties of hypernuclei which will exist within the cores of neutron stars. Atomic nuclei and their antimatter counterparts, often known as antinuclei, are sometimes produced within the LHC in … Read more

Carlo Rovelli: “Science is not just about writing equations. It’s about reimagining the world

Of all the large concepts swirling round — long-range, degrowth, area colonization and so forth — are any of them fairly as radical as quantum physics? A century in the past, physicists knew that classical assumptions in regards to the universe have been incorrect – electrons don’t orbit the nucleus of an atom, however exist … Read more

The mental training of meditators can cause quantitative events beyond the capacity of non-meditators

Quantum physics confronts a possible discoverer with one of the enduring mysteries that fashionable science has to supply, what famed physicist Richard Feynman referred to as “the one thriller”. The title given to it – the double slit experiment – sounds a lot less complicated than the puzzle. This expertise is now turning into an … Read more

Lose weight the incredibly slow and hard way

TIt appears easy sufficient. Your weight comes from the Earth’s gravity pulling you down. Earth’s gravity comes from its mass. Much less gravitational mass ought to imply much less gravitational pull. Take away the mass from the ground, and you’ll drop some pounds. I made a decision to provide it a attempt. Eradicating a variety … Read more

Teams of sperm swim more smoothly against the current

Single symbiosis of sperm and swimming. Staphylococcal spermatozoa are distinguished by yellow ovals. Scale bar: 50 µm. Credit score: S Phuyal, SS Suarez, CK Tung It seems that sperm counteracts movement higher after they swim collectively. Regardless of the favored notion that the quickest, fittest male reproductive cell wins the fertilization race, analysis has proven … Read more

Science on the Brink of a Material Revolution – The Irish Times

Think about a world through which new supplies which can be tremendous robust, light-weight, versatile and sturdy, which don’t exist in nature, will be manufactured. New breakthroughs in understanding “spin,” a characteristic of subatomic particles – comparable to mass and cost – imply we’re getting ready to such a revolution. Says Professor Alessandro Longi, a … Read more

Terahertz light from superconducting lines

Excessive-temperature superconducting coppers emit THz radiation as soon as their floor is illuminated with ultrashort mild pulses. This impact happens solely in compounds wherein superconductivity coexists with the order of the cost band. Credit score: Jörg Harms, MPSD Why do some supplies carry electrical currents with none resistance solely when cooled to close absolute zero … Read more

Exploring and augmenting the inner world of the cell

An artist’s rendering of the Cell Rover, an intracellular antenna to discover and improve the inside world of the cell. Credit score: Irakli Zurabishvili to Diplina Sarkar, with fashions by Iron Webber and Laurie Borhonen. Researchers at MIT Media Lab have designed a miniature antenna that may function wirelessly inside a residing cell, opening up … Read more