Business Product Giveaway

Business Product Giveaway

Providing Business Products for life, Nude Project is a fashion startup that launched a campaign on Instagram to give seven people each month the chance to win two free garments for life. The campaign garnered over 1 million followers and 100,000 new followers in just 10 hours.


Business Product Giveaway

"The sweepstakes and its generous prizes had the additional goal of drawing attention to a new way of understanding the relationship between brands and consumers, based on a common project with similar identities and values, and a close relationship without unnecessary barriers.

In our case, hip-hop, art, and adrenaline are the hallmarks of identity. under the slogan By artists, for artists, we are not bound by the constraints of department stores or the repetitive trends of the globalized marketplace, but rather we are able to make life a personal and unique art We propose to make it into a work of art.

The Nude Project was created as a visualization platform to discover and market the creative talents of Generation Z visual artists," said creators Alex Benlloch and Bruno Casanovas.

As a group, we cover more

Triángulo de la Moda is a group of fashion and accessories manufacturers and wholesalers dedicated to promoting the city center of Madrid. Last December, the company decided to launch a marketplace within its own website, allowing customers to purchase from any associate from the platform.

'In this way, all of Triángulo de la Moda's stores will be consolidated on the same website from which customers can purchase products, making the shopping experience even easier for all of our customers.' Before this e-commerce initiative, each store in the cooperative operated independently.

In fact, some stores did not have an online sales counter, but thanks to this association-wide platform, they can now sell their products online," says Montserrat Gallego, president of the association.

Providing the Best Information

"Photovoltaics is still an unknown world, even for those interested in installing solar panels on their homes. This is because we noticed that when customers request a quote, they arrive uninformed and rather use the information from various quotes to compare and decide," says Gabriel Dominguez, Marketing and Product Manager at SotySolar.

To remedy this situation, "we are improving our quotes by including useful information so that customers can compare offers and understand the costs and characteristics of materials. We are also creating our own audiovisual content to foster a sense of familiarity and trust with our customers and to help them make better offers."

For Decision-Making

SotySolar, on the other hand, opted for an offline campaign "to reach potential customers directly," in addition to an online campaign using ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Additionally, it offers a 5% discount if there are multiple applicants in the same area. And finally, we have full confidence in the possibility of recommendations from people close to us.

That is why we have established the "SMA Solar" program. This is a great referral program that allows our customers to add new customers to their own solar energy consumption, and we give the referrer 200 euros directly to the customer and 200 euros discount off the installation price to the referrer".

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