Simple Technology Ideas

Simple Technology Ideas

Simple Technology Ideas, But High Impact. These business ideas are designed to create companies that have a positive impact on social inclusion, sustainability, and the local economy.


Simple Technology Ideas

Despite their simple appearance, these 20 business ideas all have impact. Seven of them are from Spain, 13 are from Latin America, and three, in particular, are from Peru.

The team is made up of professionals from a variety of fields, including designers, engineers, financial experts, testers for the visually impaired, psychologists, and experts in guidance and mobility.

Anny- potencia tus capacidades (Caecus Lab): based in Argentina, under the banner of inclusion, the company aims to serve the visually impaired and their families, making tools more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Led by Lucas Manuel Sala (CEO) and María Emilse Saavedra (COO), the company's goal is to "spread a culture of accessibility for a more inclusive society.

Closty Brand is a conscious, vegan, and sustainable Spanish apparel brand. All garments and accessories are designed in Valencia, and production takes place in Madrid, Burgos, Andalusia, Portugal...

Technology Workshops Ideas

The production takes place in local workshops in Madrid, Burgos, Andalusia, Portugal.... Each garment, they say, "is made on the peninsula, where the best quality and proper working conditions can be guaranteed."

Code en mi cole is a Peruvian startup that designs school-based training programs to help children and teachers learn computer science, develop computational thinking, and create their own technology projects. According to its website, it has impacted more than 5,000 students to date.

Ecodicta: Ecodicta is based on a Spanish business idea to extend the life of clothing and reduce production and pollution levels through the exchange or rental of clothing.

EducALL is a Colombian project that facilitates access to the Internet for those who have difficulty accessing it by converting low-end devices into devices that can access information.

Gaia Green Tech is a startup company from Spain that works to achieve sustainable mobility by providing bi-directional charging for electric vehicles. Its infrastructure is entirely powered by renewable energy sources, reducing its carbon footprint.

Hidroponika Technology Footprint

Hidroponika. a Peruvian startup that offers a sustainable cultivation model based on hydroculture, using soil-free methods to conserve as much water as possible. It also does not use pesticides or herbicides, making it health and earth friendly.

Lullaai is a Spanish app that offers a sleep quality monitoring service for the mental health care of recent parents. The company's app provides expert content, relevant music, and sleep coaches to help people sleep better.

Munay, which originated in Bolivia, is a platform for women that seeks to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem from a gender perspective, addressing the needs of women entrepreneurs who lack the resources to run sustainable businesses.

Technology Colombian platform

Ogly Foods is a Colombian platform that offers a second life to tons of food thrown away every day, aiming to curb reuse and mass production.

Pachamama, also in Peru, is a startup that empowers rural communities to care for forests and promote sustainable development. The company promotes the sustainable use of Peru's forests and works hand-in-hand with local communities to develop high value-added chains linked to the global market.

Selected entrepreneurs from over 70 projects will have the opportunity to take advantage of training, professional support, and connections with top-level impact investors in Europe and Latin America.

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    Thank you very much for sharing, I learned a lot from your article. Very cool. Thanks. nimabi

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