Sales Gear For Business

Sales Gear For Business

Sales Gear For Business: Defining the Entire Sales Process to the Millimeter. For Pulpomatic, a software company that helps fleet operations management become more efficient, it all starts with devising a good sales strategy.


Sales Gear For Business

Whether at the corporate or individual level, it is critical to define who you are solving problems for and who you are targeting. Then, understand what problems they have, how to solve them, and what the key messages are. Next, define what channels you will use to reach them and how you will help inspire them to do better.

Generate quality conversations directly by creating content (reports, webinars, our blog, etc.) that is useful to them when they are looking for solutions like Pulpomatic, or through outbound efforts: "How do we reach our target customers how we do it", explains Pablo Molinero, Chief Revenue Officer of Pulpomatic, the most innovative startup of 2020 and part of our Fifth Entrepreneurs list.

Also, defining clear yet flexible processes, incentives, and rules is critical for a well-working machine, i.e., one that iterates a lot and is comfortable iterating." Attract people who understand "customer needs" well. Not the traditional image of a sales person who sells ice cream at the North Pole, but someone who understands the customer's problems well".

Key Ordinary and Transversal

"People are naturally fed up with being sold things. We have to manage to have natural and normal conversations. Always think about what is in the best interest of the other person.

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Our goal is to generate a quality conversation where the consultant tells us what the problem is and see if we can help them solve it. And if we can't, at least the conversation has been interesting.

This sale is the result of those conversations. If you only see the person in front of you as a check in the name of the company, you will never create a true trusting relationship," asserts a manager at Pulpomatic.

How is such a strategy implemented?

Molinero recalls, "In the past, selling was more of an art than a science. The best salespeople were the most charismatic and the ones who got along best with the people they wanted to sell to." Today, selling has changed a lot (and is changing even more in a pandemic).

So the first thing we did was to design such a system based on who our customers are, what their problems are, and how we can make their lives better.

There is a lot to be gained by understanding these issues. We then build a well-developed process with a clear division of roles (market research, prospecting, closing, etc.).

At the same time, we train those who have a relationship with that client on these topics and their specific roles (training happens all the time, and new ideas come up repeatedly). And finally, we provided them with the best tools to spend less time on paperwork and bureaucracy and more time having quality conversations."

Flexibility for new projects

Pulpomatic began this process in January 2020, shortly before the pandemic broke out. Molinero recalls, "And thankfully, the work we did before that allowed us to grow."

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But before we can sell, we need to have a system that is repeatable, scalable, accurate, and flexible enough to iterate on what we learn along the way. Then use this system to generate more and more quality conversations.

And ultimately, it will lead to sales. It takes time to implement a system that works, especially when all paradigms are broken at once in a global pandemic, and now that we have managed to grow in 2020, assimilate methods, and mature our teams, we are seeing even better results.

The first quarter of 2021 sold as much as the full year of 2020, so things seem to be going well. However, we have to constantly touch the pieces and keep fine-tuning to improve every day," he said.

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