Risk Reduction in Finance

Risk Reduction in Finance

Risk Mitigation in Finance: "Recognizing the current situation, especially in the restaurant, leisure, and events sectors, we have changed our business model to allow restaurateurs and promoters to mitigate all costs.


Risk Reduction in Finance

Gopick, founded by Miguel San Antonio, Gonzalo de Miguel, and Pablo de Cea, is a free platform created with the goal of revolutionizing the way food and beverage is served at shows, events, and popular venues, and this change is key to generating more business" He emphasizes.

Gopick is an app/web app that allows customers to order and pay from their smartphones, minimizing wait times for product pickup and delivery and greatly easing congestion.

Gopik says, "The best strategy for us has always been to focus on providing excellent service to our customers and users. That means listening to them, being flexible to their specific needs, and building our products from there.

Gopik on Risk in Finance

It's true that platforms like Gopik tend to be standardized, but that doesn't mean they can't be perfectly responsive to each client's needs. We can also be proactive. Having worked with so many people, we understand the trends of their problems, concerns, and worries, and we already have tailor-made solutions for each case.

This approach creates a sense of trust by having clients see us not just as a service provider, but as an ally who shares their interests. The goal of these strategies is to allow clients and users to experience firsthand what Gopik is all about and discover its value. In doing so, they themselves will recommend us to other customers and users, which is the best possible effect.

This is, without a doubt, the best and strongest sales force we have. Fortunately, we have experienced high growth in recent months, and this is precisely because of this multiplier effect that has occurred as a result of customer recommendations and interest.

Refine your sales strategy

José Manuel Narciso, CEO of Bionline, a company that uses artificial intelligence to help clients increase sales, said that the development of the company's sales strategy is "characterized by rapid onboarding (adaptation) of new team members and by continuous improvement and flexibility in adapting to stimuli (both positive and negative) from the commercial environment He explains that it consists of "adopting an agile methodology characterized by continuous improvement and flexibility when adapting to stimuli (both positive and negative) from the commercial environment.

The goal of this strategy is to increase both outbound demand (e.g., meetings with management) and inbound demand (e.g., websites, blogs, social media)." The sales process is consultative, as the products are sophisticated and require in-depth explanations through in-person meetings with each company's expert representatives.

In addition, the company has commercial agreements with complementary software companies and major distributors such as Microsoft. This team is managed by the company's sales management department, which delegates daily monitoring through KPIs to personnel in each phase of Bionline's sales funnel: prospects, sales, and customer success".

B2B SaaS Software Strategy

This strategy was put into action six months ago with the addition of new members to the sales and marketing team and the assistance of an outside consultant specializing in the growth of B2B SaaS (software as a service) companies.

As a result, we have improved our close rate by more than 400%. During the sales phase, cycle time was reduced by 75%.

In short, this commercial strategy has allowed us to reach more potential customers, improve relationships with current customers, and offer the best solutions and the best service, taking into account the customer's situation and needs.

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