Personalized Financial Experience

Personalized Financial Experience

A Personalized Financial Experience Operating in more than 140 countries worldwide, Tropic Feels is a company that caters to travelers who value natural ecosystems. Founded in 2017 by Alberto Espinos, the company keeps all its users in mind, allowing them to decide for themselves which brands' products will be in their wardrobe in the future.


Personalized Financial Experience

Bernardo Bestia, the brand's Growth Director, says, "One of the first goals we set was to work on a more personalized strategy. To do this, we started with a strategy that segmented by product, user, and web experience. That has allowed us to achieve a good balance between product and sales," he says.

Also, personalized web experiences. We do this so we know what our customers want and what they like. Everyone is different and everyone wants a different experience. The main goal of all of this is to increase conversions and teach experiences ad hoc, tailored to each profile.

Marketing and Finance Automation

Marketing automation also allows Hubspot's CRM platform to build a scalable omicare strategy that stays close to the customer's customer journey. One of our recent objectives is to reach out to local customers.

Understand their language, payment methods, etc., and tailor the experience to each country. We will start with Germany and expand to more countries in the future.

Bestia also emphasizes that it has launched a referral program, the MemberGetMember program, which allows customers to receive a 10% discount. Conversely, the more friends you gather and the more you buy, the more you get a 10% discount as well. This feature turns customers into brand advocates and allows us to break down the cost of acquisition by the number of new customers each person brings," he said.

As part of its strategic planning

To drive conversion to sales, the company is aggressively pursuing a customer acquisition program based on three basic pillars.

On the one hand, "we are seeing rapid capillarization in the markets where we are already present, both domestically and internationally. And this rapid capillarization is being achieved through a commercial action plan with a particularly strong digital acquisition component.

The objective is both to attract new customers and open up new markets, and to stimulate consumer interest in the brand's product portfolio. With a foot in the loyalty base by securing demand compensation.

Even more important is the financial

While many manufacturers are failing to source and forecast, we live in an era where we can rely on inventory and a reliable supply chain.

The end result is not only attracting new customers, but also building customer loyalty. Beria Bikes also has a strong inbound marketing strategy.

"And through the digitalization of our commercial processes, we can increase the quality of interaction and close and constant attention with our customers".

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