Online Technology Training

Online Technology Training

Online Technology Training: The education field was not prepared for the change as it converted from a face-to-face to a virtual model. Lack of tools and methodologies, as well as the number of students in a class.


Online Technology Training

After the pandemic, a great field of possibilities opens up for education," explains Camilo Sardi, co-founder and COO of Maestric." "We are moving toward a hybrid type of education that combines the most useful and necessary parts of virtual and face-to-face education.

One of the biggest challenges virtual education brings is personalization. We need more classes where students and teachers connect, where questions are answered, and where students have lasting conversations. This is what Maestrick proposes."

On the training side, he also liked TalentClass, an online course platform where each instructor conducts a master class on his or her area of expertise.

Technological digital models

Niche areas such as driving schools are also important, and companies like Onroad are innovating. Spain CEO Miguel González-Gallarza explains, "There is no turning back now.

The digital model is here to stay, and from now on, getting a license online will be the norm: from mid-March to mid-April, we saw a 172% increase in registrations," he says.

Currently, 15 Michelin stars by 10 chefs are teaching methods, ingredients, and essential recipes; in September, they will start writing together with media representatives.

Home Fitness Technology

Another major niche area is fitness products and services. An example is the concept of "minfit," an interactive virtual gym that allows users to replicate lessons at home.

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Personalized, monitored training that allows participants to interact with other users. Based on an interactive subscription model.

Are not conducive to the online model due to distractions and increased learning pace.

On-demand training

And formats for home sports equipment and web-connected devices such as Volava, whose sales have increased 20-fold during incarceration. And sports equipment for training outside. These doubled in sales as fans of this type of activity grew and returned to normal.

Technological telemedicine

Telemedicine services like TerraDoc will see a big boost in the coming years as they are needed by the post-60s age group accustomed to videoconferencing."

Also, consumers of all ages, from niche to elderly, need telemedicine oriented toward mental health, mindfulness, etc., because of the obstacles this situation would have caused," says Fernando Polo.

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