Geo-location Marketing Businesses

Geo-location Marketing Businesses

Geolocation Marketing All Businesses Hyso Delivery Solutions, a provider of comprehensive delivery services to restaurants and other business models that make home deliveries, uses a "nearly geographic digital marketing-based, strategic growth in areas of interest" lead generation (sales guidance) strategy.


Geo-location Marketing Businesses

We promote primarily through Facebook and Instagram ads, but also organically through Google ads and SEO positioning. From there, all leads are managed in the CRM and passed to the telemarketing department, which qualifies the leads and identifies real opportunities.

Sergio Serrano, co-founder of the firm, states. "We've had to reduce our investment in digital advertising because we've been getting quality leads that are highly interested in signing contracts.

Business Delivery Solutions

"Delivery Solutions allows you to outsource all or part of your services. We bring delivery drivers and bikes to your doorstep when you need them, in the quantity you need, and for the amount you need.

Our marketing solutions focus on both clients who have not taken any action and those who are already engaged in digital marketing. We focus on different types of clients, each with different prices and closed packs offering different services.

In addition, we also create tailor-made packs for clients who need them. All services (from basic to advanced) are focused on increasing the number of orders in the most profitable areas and on the most profitable days for the business.

And if customers are not satisfied with their current system, or don't have one yet, our software solutions offer or enhance web/app ordering, allow order location to be shared with end users, integrate with management software, and more".

Sales Process Optimization

Bloobirds is a sales enablement platform specifically created to intelligently guide the entire sales process." It is designed to be the "perfect CRM ally," a passive enrollment tool that does not boost or support the sales team, despite being an important piece of the puzzle.

Bloobirds was created with the goal of increasing the efficiency of the sales team and improving activity and conversion rates," says Sofía Guzmán, Demand Generation Manager. On the other hand, we also make an effort to reach important people who may never come into contact with our content, but who will find value in Bloobirds," says Guzmán.

His sales approach focuses on KPIs above all else: the number of meetings achieved in a planned manner. To achieve meetings, which are synonymous with opportunities, we use two main channels: inbound and outbound.

The first consists of having an excellent content plan that constantly generates leads, and the second consists of actively reaching out to the market through various means, for example, phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messages, etc.

Organizing Business Tasks

From organizing tasks to supporting messages, the platform supports both contactability and relevance, proposing the most appropriate content for each case and situation. Combine this with data analytics technology to gather critical information throughout the process, providing valuable insights into what works and what doesn't, enabling tactical and strategic decisions to be made more quickly.

By combining these two channels, we can reach more markets and meet more people. On the other hand, we can create and promote the right content to interest people in the industries we want to reach, to let them know about us, and to facilitate contact when initiating the sales process.

The strategy of Bloobirds, which was named to the 5th Entrepreneur List, is to implement a unique working environment. 'Especially after this year, when the focus has been on digitization, it has been helpful to rely on technology to provide our salespeople with the right digital communication tools to systematically plan and execute at the different touch points.'

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