Financially Astute Person

Financially Astute Person

Financially Astute Person: This should not be a disadvantage when starting a business, especially in a field such as technology, where there is already a wealth of success stories of young entrepreneurs. This is the case in the United States, where we should not forget the founders of Google.


Financially Astute Person

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started their companies at only 23 years old. They were 22, about the same age that Steve Jobs founded Apple. Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, another American tech giant, started his venture at the age of 27.

Young people between the ages of 20 and 25, known as digital natives, move around in this field like fish out of water, which is said to be a plus when undertaking technological projects. Despite this, they are distrusted and not taken seriously by clients, suppliers, investors, and others who are 20 or 30 years older than them.

Are there any other successful companies started by very young people? Social Point, which has just been sold for about 215 million euros, is the world's leading mobile gaming company founded by Andres Bou and Horacio Martos when they were only 23 years old.

And Libelium, a leader in online sensors, was founded by two students, Alicia Asín and David Gascón, when they were 24 years old. Meinrad Spenger, founder of MásMóvil, which has become a leading independent telecommunications provider, was not so old when he founded the company: 30 years old.

the same age as Jeff Bezos

These are just a few examples, but even though this string of successes is no accident and is the result of the ease with which so-called "digital natives" can operate in the world of the Internet and technology, being very young with respect to entrepreneurship is a It is a strong obstacle.

In this report, several experts explain the roots of investor, customer, and supplier distrust of this generation of entrepreneurs and the challenges they face in overcoming the speed at which they are moving beyond conventional wisdom.

Denial. Anthony James Green, founder and owner of Green Test Prep, an online test preparation program in the U.S. and the service that has become so popular, explains that he struggled at first because of his young age. When I put out a flyer asking for tutors, I got 40 calls.

When he founded Amazon

Uribe Etxebarria, founder of the voice recognition services Anboto and Sherpa, also said that he was not helped much by the recognition of his industry at first.

He wanted to offer his services to the Buering company. However, after many months, he was still not accepted by the marketing director in between. If he finally got a contract, it was because he went all the way to Barcelona to introduce himself to the office.

This distrust of young people, from the investor's perspective, "has to be convinced that the entrepreneurial team has enough skills to attract customers, negotiate with suppliers, manage moments of frustration, and make the project a success, and a 20-year-old It is difficult to see all of this in a young person," he says.

Global E-Commerce Giants

IE professor Daniel Soriano added, There is a justification for distrust. Because when you engage with each stakeholder, it is a relationship where they have to spend time, effort, and resources, and if your proposal is not solid or well organized.

They have a lost opportunity to support you or participate in the project If your proposal is not solid or well put together. They will have a lost opportunity to support you or participate in the project.

Remedios explains that this type of mistrust in Spain is even more justified than in other countries. There is "a very important problem here: the lack of business training that young people receive when they enter the market (even those who have graduated in business administration or business studies).

According to the Director of Business

Successful teams are over 40 years old. Luis Martín Caviedes, a well-known business angel (BA), is critical of the number of these young entrepreneurs, saying, "Here in Spain, there are too many young entrepreneurs with no training or experience.


Finalmente, In Spain, Carlos Barrabes, just 18 years old, launched Spain's most popular skiing and mountaineering portal. However, he says, "When they found out how young I was and how inexperienced I was, they didn't want to sign me up.

In Silicon Valley, the average age of entrepreneurs in the technology sector is around 40," which is an anomalous characteristic. As an experienced BA, he states once and for all that "professional investors invest in teams that know what they need to do, i.e., they have experience.

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