Financial Payments

Financial Payments

Financial Payments Suppliers: When looking for suppliers to set up an online store, you will find that there are many platforms, tools and solutions to help you develop and optimize your sales portal.


Financial Payments Suppliers

Here are some of the best known, as well as those that stand out for their efficiency and quality.


A payment platform that has grown due to its agility and ease of use, which allows you to set up an online store almost instantly. Ideal for startups, it allows you to adapt a tailor-made payment model as your business grows. With numerous features, it also offers logistical, financial, and technical services.


The most widely used e-commerce solution in Spain, 33% of digital stores in Spain are opened on this platform, which is open source and free. Another advantage is its scalability, although it requires specialized knowledge to implement, design, and maintain.


One-third of the world's online stores use this open source solution, which runs on WordPress, a widely known user platform. It has everything you need to set up an online store, is extremely flexible in terms of configuration and customization, and offers dozens of free plugins and themes, as well as paid ones, for even greater flexibility and scalability.


A generic solution, also open source, but focused on larger companies with higher sales volumes; for B2C and B2B projects, the potential to expand business is high, but the implementation and maintenance can be cumbersome and costly.


One of the most highly regarded companies for its ease of use, with accounts created in minutes, and low fees. It is ideal for accepting payments over the Internet, transferring money, and managing commercial activities. With its unique anti-fraud system, more than 135 currencies and dozens of payment methods, it facilitates international business development.


Its ease of use and popularity have made it the preferred payment method for more than 295 million customers worldwide. However, new businesses do not have complete freedom until they have a hold on the funds and trust in their business.


This gateway, which originated in Spain, combines all payment methods from Visa to Bizum and Paypal into one, offering a variety of payment solutions, from virtual POS to link and QR code payments, making it the most complete tool in its field. It is currently owned by Banco Sabadell and is available throughout the EU.


Bizum has gained popularity in recent years due to its ease of use from cell phones, including the ability to make payments using only a phone number. It also allows you to visualize and promote your business on your own channel.


Allows customers to finance their purchases in a way that is easy for both parties. We do not set monthly commissions, only payments through this method. It is easy to use and can be set up "in a couple of clicks".

Mastercard and Visa

The Mastercard and Visa payment methods are interesting in terms of consumer brand awareness and ability to pay when processing large volumes of transactions from any device, including cell phones and laptops.

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