Dropshipping For Your Business

Dropshipping For Your Business

Provide drop shipping to customers. This was the strategy taken by Shoes for Yokono. Says José María Segura, the company's managing partner, "After the health crisis, we didn't stop reforming to adapt to the situation."


Dropshipping for Your Business

In this regard, the company has introduced new tools to help its retail clients sell more through its website.

In this way, Yokono was able to increase its visibility by opening stores in more locations, increase sales without investment by having Yokono assume the risk of manufacturing inventory, and support the opening of online sales channels.

"We are working with IT tools to enable multi-brand footwear retailers to purchase products from our website in their online stores without having to stock them in their warehouses," says Yokono.

Yokono delivers footwear directly to the end user. By using this same system, he is able to immediately sell models that have not been purchased to customers who visit our physical stores.

He makes the sale, and Yokono provides the product to the end user. In this way, we can encourage people to try products they would not normally buy without the risk of inventory, broaden the range of models we offer, and support them in terms of cash flow. It's an omni-channel system to help small neighborhood stores."

Incentives for Corporate Customers

FoodStories is a startup company that allows consumers to select recipes for their daily meals online and purchase ingredient packets to prepare them at home. It is always healthy, uses local and seasonal ingredients, and cooks them in the right quantities to avoid wasting food.

We have also introduced the RAF (Refer a Friend) program (also known as Member Get Member) as a growth strategy to reach more customers." We are expanding our circle of "repeat customers" by asking them to recommend us to their family and friends," says Emilio Viguera, the company's CEO.

For each new customer we acquire, we offer them an incentive of a credit on their account. We also offer these new customers a discount on their first purchase. And we send one free meal kit so that customers can give their fS (foodStories) experience to a friend.

Expanding Business Horizons

One of the key points that Sepia, a fashion brand that designs functional and sustainable clothing through the introduction of new technologies, is working on is expanding its sales network.

To that end, we are entering different marketplaces and reaching out to new customers. Similarly, we have introduced Zalando, El Corte Inglés, and Amazon. Of course, we are looking to expand and welcome new proposals.

We recognize Veronica Olivares, Chief Marketing Officer of Sepia, a company founded in 2016 by "Horizons" and Federico Sainz de Robles and which formed part of our 3rd Entrepreneurs list along with the most innovative startups of 2018.

Branding for New Businesses

Olivares emphasizes, "Our co-branding activity with El Ganso, a benchmark company in the fashion sector, has enabled us to sell our products in 17 physical stores in Spain.

In this way, we are approaching offline customers, who were originally more unknown to us because we sell our products through e-commerce.


And with this action, we have opened up new horizons and realized that this customer also has a lot to offer us. We have also expanded our product range.

In response to requests from many of our customers, we are launching a new product that we have been developing in collaboration with R+D for over a year now: pants for pre-sale".

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