Digital Revenue Technology

Digital Revenue Technology

Digital Revenue Technology: Lazzaro has created a SaaS (software as a service) that allows small NGOs to generate a web platform (including all existing fundraising tools) in less than 15 minutes in a simple way through BlockChain technology that increases transparency.


Digital Revenue Technology

We wanted to create an all-in-one. In other words, all the features that exist on the market to generate digital income can be realized on your platform within 15 minutes

  • donations.
  • crowdfunding.
  • online store.
  • event tickets.
  • training.
  • sponsorships.

Carlota Corzo, who is part of the team along with Tonatiuh Owen, Ivan Saiz, Jaime Inchaurraga, and Jose María Navarro, told Emprendedores, "All of this is traceable through blockchain All of this is traceable through blockchain technology, which guarantees the transparency of transactions," she told Emprendedores.

Thanks to Lazzaro's tool, 12 impact projects have been able to receive funding, including "Art for good," a home treatment project for people with rare diseases, and "Dojo Social," a venture that aims to socially integrate people with noncompetitive sports and functional diversity. now available.

Support for Small Producers

El Super de los Pastores" is a supermarket that sells only products from small producers in the country, many of which are organic. The project has two goals: to bring artisanal organic products into the hands of citizens to improve their health and restore authentic flavors.

To serve as a sales and dissemination platform for more than 500 small artisans, helping them keep their dreams alive, continue the lifestyle they have chosen, and fix the rural population.

In short, to fill that empty Spain. In addition to a physical store, the company has an online store for the entire Spanish mainland, as well as sales channels for professionals and collectives in the hotel and catering industry.

The initiative was born in Cantabria in 2020 and already boasts numbers such as working with 520 local producers and selling 1,300 local artisanal and organic products.

Making Children Less Afraid

Nixui for Children has developed a virtual reality solution with the goal of eliminating the fear of hospitalization and surgery. In 2019, an estimated 90,000 children underwent surgery in Catalonia alone. Of these, 50% have preoperative anxiety.

Tomás Lóves defines the project as "a virtual reality experience that helps children who have to undergo surgery to prepare themselves before the operation, and a tool to help treat preoperative anxiety," and is the driving force behind it.

We will design a kit that children can take home and share with their families. The kit includes a book with activities that complement the virtual reality experience.

Nixie is the name of the 3D character they have created to familiarize them with the protocol on the day of surgery. Brothers Lucía and Carlos Zamora Gorbeña were the initiators of the project, having previously participated in the Deluz y Compañía project.

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