Conversion Funnel Finance

Conversion Funnel Finance

Conversion Funnel Finance: each stage of the conversion funnel works differently. At Blue Banana, we make it clear. Founded in 2016 by Nacho Rivera and Juan Fernandez-Estrada, the unconventional fashion brand employs an omnichannel strategy that focuses exclusively on the media most consumed by its target demographic (Generation Z).


Conversion Funnel Finance

In addition to our day-to-day activities, we try to create quite a bit of "noise" with viral actions a few times a year to maintain and increase visibility. For example, in our last Instagram sweepstakes ("Banana Santa 2K21"), we raffled off a sweatshirt every 100 seconds and conducted a trip for two, increasing the number of followers by over 100,000, website visits by 500%, and daily sales by over 150%".

In the middle stage, "conversions are made through communications (mainly newsletters and digital ads) that make visits to the website a call to action. And at the bottom, loyalty is created through email marketing strategies and digital advertising already segmented by behavior.

We are currently working on optimizing these two ever-evolving media (email and digital advertising), which are key to conversion. Additionally, to reward consumer loyalty, we close our website on special occasions and open it to the public as a pre-sale".

Finance and Development Department

Frenetic's sales strategy is based on the specialization of roles and tasks within the Business Development Department, as each requires very different skills.

"There is a level of persistence and directness required of the Sales Development Representative (SDR), who is responsible for lead identification, first contact, qualification, and if qualified, passing on to the Business Development Manager (BDM), who is responsible for closing the deal with the new customer They are the so-called hunters, responsible for identifying and negotiating business opportunities to close deals with new customers.

The last layer of the sales organization is the Account Executive (AE) with a farmer (customer oriented) profile, responsible for maintaining existing accounts and increasing turnover within them," said Miguel Ángel de la Fuente, Chief Revenue Officer at Frenetic, a member of the 5th Entrepreneur List. Fuente, a member of the 5th Entrepreneurial List.

Fine-tuning roles and tasks

The system is based on Frenetic's flagship book, "Predictable Revenue" by Aaron Ross, which "explains how we achieved $100 million in sales in just a few years by applying this method, but of course there is a great deal of adaptation to the specifics of our company and sector But of course, there is a great deal to adapt to the specifics of our company and our sector.

De la Fuente recommends "the profile of the company required, its role within the organization, the adaptation of the pitch to the pain points of each sector, and communication channels.

In the very niche and technical B2B sectors in which Frenetic operates, such as power electronics, "in addition to this sales structure, it is important to create technical content (reference designs, webinars, conferences)," he said.

Professional and CEO

We have been employing this strategy for a year now and since then our sales have grown by 2.7x and at a constant and continuous growth rate". Additionally, he works the conversion funnel in different ways at each stage." At the "top," he attracts and inspires with quality content, particularly on Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.


In the case of Beria Bikes, which specializes in custom bikes, the company has seen significant growth in recent months. It's a sweet time for our sector because demand is increasing with the current boom in bicycle sports," he says.

But in addition to this great demand, Beria Bikes offers differentiated value through its commitment to technology and design, and its constant innovation of new, customizable products, which are attracting a lot of interest both domestically and internationally."

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