Business Higher Level

Business Higher Level

Making Customers into Business at a Higher Level: Founded by Luis Basagoiti, Ignacio Moreno, Przemek Gotfryd, and Miguel Fernández Larrea, Capchase is a platform for SaaS (recurring revenue) companies to work as if all customers were paying upfront.


Business Higher Level

Capchase is a platform that allows SaaS (recurring revenue) companies to work as if all their customers were paying upfront.

Capturing Customers at a High Level: The firm has introduced a referral system in which "the customer is the best salesperson. It has also made compensation more generous to its partners and ended revenue-sharing partnerships.

Fernandez Larrea says, "It is much more important to get in touch with many customers and get iterative cycles than to optimize the terms of the partnership as much as possible.

And we work systematically with sales and product to remove any friction before that...One of Capchase's goals is to increase value from the first interaction with the customer.

Entrepreneurs using Capchase

Entrepreneurs Capchase was included in the 5th Annual Entrepreneurs List. Entrepreneurs have focused on "analyzing the sales cycle at a very granular level and identifying moments of truth-the moments when statistically a prospect (potential customer) converts to a customer at a very high rate."

"We often assume that the moment a customer commits to pay is the moment they get value. We design our products so that the moment a customer first interacts with Capchase, they get information and insights they didn't have before."

The company also eliminates any manual steps for customers in the sales cycle, including automated contract signups and personalized onboarding (integration improvement efforts) by a customer success manager (responsible for the customer experience).

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