Business Consumer Needs

Business Consumer Needs

Business Consumer Needs. Aldus Bio, a startup that aims to create honest and consistent organic products from the KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, which understands consumer needs a priori, has developed a very precise strategy when launching new products.


Business Consumer Needs

The strategy is to "create products based on an understanding of consumer needs." First, it determines the channel (in this case, the Internet) in which to sell the product. Then you identify the products with the highest turnover and what solutions the market offers.

Next, we understand why the products in the marketplace do not satisfy the consumer 100%, and for that reason we consider the features that add value to the product.

We manufacture a product and provide a minimum viable product to sell on Amazon. Then, when our product becomes the top selling product in its category, we sell that product in other marketplaces and e-commerce".

With a portfolio of organic supplements and superfoods, including spirulina, maca, chlorella, turmeric, erythritol, coconut oil, black garlic, honey with black garlic, and two CBD products already sold in 22 countries, primarily through Amazon Listed about Antonio Peron, founder and CEO of Aldus Bio.

Product Diversification

With this same work philosophy, we have diversified our offerings by introducing new products to become the most loved organic brand by consumers in 2025." Organic & Ready to Eat is the market's first 100% organic and real food premium cream, created with Michelin-starred chefs.

In addition, the recipe for Jesús Segura is explained step-by-step in a video by the chef himself. The agreement with the other Michelin-starred chefs involved in this project will be completed in the coming months.

The new series will bring fine cuisine closer to Spanish families and conquer the taste buds of the most select individuals, with five dishes prepared in a completely natural and artisanal way. We expect to sell 100,000 units of premium cream in the first year of sales".

Customers, Customers, Customers

Swipcar is a vehicle leasing marketplace that aims to change the way vehicles are acquired, making online leasing a competitive alternative to purchasing.

Our platform is continuously being developed, innovated, and improved," says company co-founder Julio Ribes, who was named to the fourth Entrepreneur List.

For example, "We are improving the web experience by adding features that help our customers understand what a new car is like. We also include explanatory videos and 360° images of the interior.

This is a real advantage for our customers. Not only do customers no longer have to go out of town or visit dealerships in search of the best deal, but we know that conversions will increase and customers will stay longer on our platform."

Swipcar Scoring System

The online bank scoring system, in partnership with the country's leading financial institutions, streamlines the online deal by allowing Swipcar to let customers know if their new leased vehicle has been approved in as little as five minutes." This system eliminates paperwork and delays, speeds up leasing services, and is 100% digital," he said.

They have also improved their customer service attitude, which has increased their success rate. We've also expanded the hours of support we offer."

We have also expanded the languages and contacts (web, phone, email, Whatsapp, social networks, etc.) that we can support in order to increase the rental option.

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