Best Financial Entrepreneur

Best Financial Entrepreneur

Best Financial Entrepreneurs: Here is our new "bet", the fifth annual "Entrepreneur List". The list brings together 50 start-ups that stand out for their innovative business models.

Best Financial Entrepreneur

This year, again for the fifth year in a row, we have selected the 50 most innovative startups in Spain. As in previous years, the final list was nominated by experts in business creation and development and prominent investors. We analyzed nearly 200 Spanish startups, many of which are benchmarks in their respective sectors, both in Spain and in the international market.

As in previous years, we are aware that we excluded some very interesting projects that could have been included in this selection, but we were "forced" to stay true to our previous lists (No. 220 in 2016, No. 237 in 2017, No. 249 in 2018, No. 261 in 2019) and refine them with the utmost precision The results of the project were chosen. Some of the chosen ones are already successful in the international market, while others will be successful in the short term.

Here is a small sampling of the 50 selected works. We will be sharing more details about each of these innovative projects in the future.

  • Abacus

Financial Planning SaaS for SMEs.

Founded by Julio Martínez and Jorge Lluch, it is presented as a collaborative financial planning platform for SMEs.

  • AllRead MLT

Computer Vision Technology.

Founded by Adriaan Landman, Miguel Silva-Constenla, and Marçal Rossinyol, this startup extends computer vision solutions to multiple vertical markets including logistics, utilities, and Industry 4.0.

  • Aplanet

SaaS for managing sustainability and CSR.

Developed by Johanna Gallo and Cyril Pierre, this tool makes the job of professionals managing sustainability and social responsibility plans for all types of companies and organizations easier and more efficient.

  • Atani

Integrated Platform for Digital Assets.

Founded by the Barroso brothers, Paul and Hayde, Atani allows users to easily manage their cryptocurrency portfolios, integrate over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, and automate tax calculations.

  • BDO

SaaS that automates insurance business processes.

Founded by Manuel Moreno and Julio Pernía, this startup facilitates the automation of insurance claims and assessments with the help of artificial intelligence.

  • Belva

AI-based translation service.

Founded by Thomas Trincado, Beñat Espiña, Diego Andrés, and Marguerite Halley, this crowdsourcing platform uses artificial intelligence to manage native translators worldwide and provide translation services.

  • Brovard

Sales prospecting for B2B companies.

Founded by Javier Darriba and Toni Pérez, Bloobirds is an all-in-one prospecting platform for B2B companies. Its software guides prospecting teams for customer management and sales.

  • Capchase

Helps fund SaaS growth.

Founded by Luis Basagoiti, Ignacio Moreno, Przemek Gotfryd, and Miguel Fernández Larrea, the platform enables SaaS (recurring revenue) companies to conduct business as if all customers were paying upfront It is a

  • Casum

Enables the phased purchase of housing.

Founded by Íñigo de Pascual, Ignacio Sanz, and Jaume Bosch in venture builder Nuclio, this startup offers the possibility to convert condominiums for sale into rental apartments that can be purchased flexibly.

  • Champion Game

Developer of online games with intuitive controls.

Marc Cercós is the "thinker" behind Mister Fantasy, a soccer manager that allows users to create their own virtual teams in different leagues and play against a small community of friends and thousands of players worldwide.

  • ChecktoBuild

AI-based inspection of construction projects.

Founded by Alejandro Ruiz, it is an autonomous inspection service for construction and industrial projects that automatically compares real and ideal project conditions through an artificial intelligence base.

  • CityBeats

AI-powered social data analysis platform.

Founded by Iván Caballero, this startup is an AI social understanding platform based on data analysis that helps administrations and governments understand the real needs of citizens and make the best informed decisions.

  • Consencio

A platform for B2B sales of fresh produce.

Founded by Vincent Rosso and Benoit Vandervivere, it is a digital platform for the produce industry that provides companies with tools to improve communication, collaboration, and monetary transactions.

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