Technology Industry

Technology Industry

Technology Industry Application: A Brazilian start-up company that adds value to the forest by using seeds harvested by small farmers in the Amazon and transforming this raw material into a natural oil that can be applied in the cosmetics and food industries.


Applied Technology Industry

Poliestudios is an Ecuadorian platform that works to establish virtual professional skills to help Latin American women gain access to quality higher education. It offers specialized training in psychology, education, communication, and technology.

Proteus Innovation, a Spanish startup company, has introduced Nautic, a marine drone designed for water rescue. The drone is also made of PE plastic, and all defective or deteriorated parts will be recycled. Proteus Innovation is made up of a young team of innovators whose work is complemented and facilitated by the latest technology.

They say, "We want to pass on our knowledge and tools to any sector, digital or traditional, that wants to improve their daily work, especially in the aquatic environment."

Sense Glass, which originated in Chile, is returning to traditional fertilizer production methods to achieve more sustainable and higher quality products while maintaining profitability.

Industry Screen Printing

Serigrafía de la gringa is a project originating in Guatemala that gives former prisoners a second chance, offering them dignified work and the possibility of a proper return to the labor market.

Seligrafia de la gringa's work began in 2008 when founder Ashley Williams visited her wrongfully convicted neighbors in the Santa Teresa prison. The inmates asked Ashley for help to work from inside the prison to support their families.

To generate income, the beneficiaries themselves design, produce, and distribute screen-printed T-shirts and accessories.

Singularity Expert is a Spanish platform that offers academic orientation programs for students and professionals who have not found what they want to do. At the last South Summit, it won an award in the education category.

Technological Sustainable Development.

The project is led by Elena Ibañez, who for two consecutive years has been named one of the top 100 women leaders in Spain and was selected as an expert on "Future Jobs" on the panel of "The 100 of Cotec"; a TED Talker, board member of W Startup Community, and advisor to several startups, she has always been connected to the world of education and entrepreneurship.

Strategies4climate is a Colombian-born, Germany-based technology tool that facilitates the identification of impact investments that address social and environmental challenges and directly contribute to sustainable development goals to eradicate poverty and inequality and protect and ensure the planet.

U4Impact is a solution from Spain. It connects companies with students from 30 universities to develop sustainability, innovation and social impact projects together through a final project (TFG/M).

Technology Originating Project

Warmi is a project originating in Ecuador that aims to redefine women's wellbeing, promote empowerment to reduce violence and gender inequality, and provide different types of support to women.

The program includes a five-month training program that combines workshops, individual advice, and mentoring from impact investors with a long track record and who are part of the Social Nest Foundation's network.

In addition, selected entrepreneurs will be able to present their projects at a global event in Spain to international impact investors of different profiles (VCs, funds, foundations, private investors, family offices) who are highly knowledgeable about the impact sector and their startups.

You can present your project to international impact investors (VCs, funds, foundations, private investors, family offices) of different profiles with high knowledge of the impact sector and its startups.

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