A Business Driven Efficiency

A Business Driven Efficiency

Business for Efficiency and Productivity: We must look for ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of our sales force on a daily basis, says Federico de Vicente, CEO of Gympass Iberia, "It's not about selling more, it's about selling better.


A Business Driven Efficiency

When Gympass was first created, it offered a fitness service with access to a number of gyms around the world. However, it expanded its offerings, as wellness is about more than just physical health. Which means listening to our customers and that means listening to our customers and adapting to what they really need."

The platform brings together in one application a comprehensive wellness program that includes physical health, mental health, nutrition, and services such as smoking cessation, improved sleep quality, and financial health.

Thus, the digital version of Gympass was born, and in addition to the traditional offerings, a new digital wellness project with more than 30 new 100% digital applications was launched, offering "more than 50,000 fitness members.

1300 on-demand classes, 2000 hours of meditation, 1000 health recipes, individual psychotherapy sessions, and hundreds of personal trainers have been added". In this way, we offer holistic wellness to meet the health needs of body and mind.

Highlights Business Strategy

De Vicente emphasizes his strategy to increase sales, "At Jinpas, we have reduced the use of PowerPoint and endless slide presentations and rely on videos to explain our products.

Customers are tired of long presentations, and time is precious. Fresh, innovative product description videos are much more efficient than presentations. At least for the initial contact.

Another strategy is to support and base sales on data. At Jinpas, we have created a very strong sales strategy team to help our sales team sell better and improve productivity," says de Vicente, who believes that if you sell better, you become a prescription for other customers.

We use success stories from other customers to show them the benefits of the Gympass platform. Customers who hear about product success stories from their colleagues become our best salespeople".

Actively Listening Customers

Founded in 2014, Aplazame is a digital payments and flexible financing company funded by WiZink bank that has transformed access to credit for online shopping and physical stores in Spain.

It offers instant financing solutions tailored to the needs of stores, enabling them to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It also caters to the needs of consumers, offering a service that allows them to pay for their purchases later.

In the past year, we have enhanced our technology, products, and data structure to further streamline the payment process and provide immediate financing to our customers.

We continue to improve the process experience, particularly in credit and technical integration, to ensure that choosing Aplazame as a payment method creates the best possible conversion for the store and a frictionless experience for the end user."

Doubling Down on Business Templates

These challenges have led us to double our workforce by 2020, especially in the areas noted," said Raquel Garcés, CEO of the company, which was part of our first list of entrepreneurs along with the most innovative startups in 2016.

Product innovation is at the core of the business and "we do it in different ways, always listening to the stores and to the customers who do business with AplaZaim.

We continue to offer value-added features that allow stores to sell more, and in recent months we have launched new features that allow stores to personalize the financing they offer in-store and run financing campaigns by product type or customer type.


Finally, we also try to be as flexible as possible with our commercial distribution and marketing strategies so that the payment method becomes a sales tool.

According to the store, the financing campaign has increased sales by more than 20%. With this personalization feature, we aim to increase this conversion rate even further.

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